Hi. My name is Kevin McIlwaine... and Stones Throw Images is born from a moment of clarity. While watching waves ripple from a drop of water falling into a pan, I suddenly grasped the full interconnectedness of the world -- and my role in it. Everything is related; everyone is responsible; every action has a consequence; every stone thrown creates a ripple.

Each image that I create or capture comes from this understanding. As I look through a lens, I seek the oneness of the world and try to capture this essence. Be it a picture of a person, place, thing or action, my vision is inspired by the universal connection that I believe we all are a part of. I am trying to freeze each ripple for only a moment; and share it with you.

You can contact me directly at 949-680-0274 to arrange a session, coordinate a project or receive an estimate. I look forward to throwing a stone your way, capturing your essence and to freezing a ripple that you made.